About Tal Attar – Professional Saxophone Player

Pleased to meet you,

I am Tal Attar, a professional saxophone player and expert music producer for various events.

My love story with music began already when I was four years old.

Since then I have studied with some of the best teachers, I have won national competitions, I have played in leading orchestras, I have participated in television programs and have appeared with my saxophone at numerous performances, festivals and events, together with leading musicians from Israel and abroad.

During my musical career, apart from many prizes, I have been awarded merit scholarships, attained the status of Outstanding Musician in the IDF and during my entire military service, I played in the IDF Orchestra.

My great love for music and playing, combined with my extensive knowledge and experience in the realm of events, both in Israel and abroad, provides my clients with the perfect and personalized response to their musical demands, thereby upgrading any event!

טל עטר נגן סקסופון